We have special experience on the following fields of technology:


Automation is one of the essential fields of engineering. Most inventions concern a reduction of cycle times as well as an improvement of the quality of manufactured products.


We often deal with the protection of biomolecules or of a specific use of biomolecules. Other valuable inventions often concern specific methods for preparation, synthesis, purification, enrichment, analysis or detection of biomolecules.


In this area, we have experience in the protection of methods for producing biogas, for processing sewage sludge, for fermentation, for production and processing of food and for the conversion of materials by organisms, cells or enzymes.


Here, our main focus is the protection of new substances, compositions, methods of synthesis and processing procedures. Inventions often concern varnishes, paints or polymers but also areas of process engineering, process control or chemical analysis. We are both active in the area of organic and inorganic chemistry.

Computer technology; Software

The possibilities of patent protection, especially of computer programs are determined by a permanently changing legal practice. We have substantiated experience in matters relating to patent protection of computer programs.

Diagnostics and Medicine

In this area, we often deal with the protection of methods for the detection of marker molecules or the protection of substances for therapeutic use. Many inventions in this area are also made in the field of immunology and especially of antibodies.


Especially microelectronics is currently an important area of technical development which is covered by a large number of patent applications. We have experience in the areas of protection of components, substrates, semiconductors, signal processing etc.


In the field of engineering, we have experience particularly with regard to the protection of mechanical and electromechanical devices. We also have experience in connection with the protection of buildings, technical plants, for example heating power plants, wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, in the field of packaging, welding technology, materials technology etc.

Genetic engineering

In the field of genetic engineering, the inventions protected by us are mostly in the field of genetically modified organisms (GMO), in particular microorganisms, and the use of such organisms.

Materials Sciences

In the field of materials sciences, we have experience particularly in matters relating to the protection of manufacturing techniques, such as injection molding, centrifugal casting or the like. We also have experience in the field of protection of alloys, composite materials, semiconductors materials and the like.

Mechanical engineering

Germany is the world leader in the field of mechanical engineering. German products are especially appreciated because of their intelligent solutions which often result in the granting of patents. Therein, complex control and regulation systems play an increasingly important role.


New mechanical solutions arise in particular in the field of mechanical engineering as well as in vehicle and aircraft technology. Here, particularly faster cycle times and lightweight and cost effective solutions are in demand. We have experience in the area of protection of various mechanical devices.

Medical technology

In medical technology, we have experience with special regard to the protection of diagnostic equipment, such as X-ray computed tomographs, navigation systems for guiding catheters in the vascular system, implants, instruments and the like.

Molecular biology

We have many years of substantiated experience in the protection of inventions in the area of molecular biology. Inventions in this area concern, for example, new synthetic nucleic acids or methods for synthesis, modification or use of nucleic acid oligomers or nucleic acid polymers. Many inventions in this field are directed to siRNA, miRNA or to RNA interference (RNAi) and methods for the analysis of DNA and RNA.


The field of optics especially, plays an important role in signal transmission. We have experience related to the protection of optical components. Coatings of glass planes for thermal insulation or for the production of electricity are another current area of optics in which we are active.


In the field of pharmacy, for example, we deal with the protection of active substances and the synthesis of active substances as well as the protection of preparation and use of herbal active substances. Additionally, we deal with the protection of galenics or the formulation of pharmaceuticals as well as the protection of specific uses of medicaments such as the protection of new uses of known active substances.

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